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  • An advisory boutique, executing on product, strategy, growth and return on capital.

  • An advisory boutique, executing on product, strategy, growth and return on capital.

  • An advisory boutique, executing on product, strategy, growth and return on capital.


Albachiara was founded in the UK in 2002, and is now centred in Switzerland, serving an international client-base.

Specialized in financial and strategic marketing management, we like to think we are different as advisors. We don’t just show the road, we also undertake the journey with our clients. Aligning interests for the long term, we cover senior executive roles for the companies we advice and for as long as measurable value can be added.

With technology and digital now significantly disrupting most clients we see, we have partnered with leading brand innovators to provide highly creative business strategies.

About us

Why Albachiara?


Albachiara, with proven C-Suite executives, has experienced in the first person the disruptive trends that have, and are, changing our world. This is not theory!

  • Globalisation is no longer a buzzword, but a reality.
  • Competition has increased exponentially.
  • Data is an overwhelming commodity, whereas management information is more elusive.
  • Disruptive technology threatens business models, which critically need to adapt to survive.
  • Digital has revolutionized the distribution supply chain.
  • Strategic communication is less about awareness and more about engagement.


About us

Return on capital is increasingly difficult to measure and achieve, where classic consultancy/advisory is, in our experience, poorly equipped to add value in this environment. Too short-term, too distant.

Albachiara fills that gap.

What we offer

Organizations, both big and small, established or new, need to understand how their customers have evolved in the digital era.

Losing touch with them will eventually mean an unrecoverable loss of value.

Because how it worked yesterday, isn’t going to be today's answer.

Albachiara helps clients discover:

  • Who the customers are, or should be.
  • What they want, or will want.
  • How a business competes to gain market share.
  • How and where a business makes its margins and profits.
  • How an organisation should be financed, and from where to source the capital.
What we offer

Albachiara streamlined service mix

We believe today’s questions have many different answers, where the correct strategy is often a balanced mix of them.
This is why services can no longer be delivered in silos, as often was the case in a traditional strategic process.
We need to tailor them to your needs, by understanding your business.


We have direct sector experience in TMT, content and creative industries, inevitably linked to technology and digital. So that’s where we tend to work.

Albachiara is a relationship-based organisation. Most of our projects come through word-of-mouth recomendartion.

35% Sports & Content
22% Media & Creative Industries
20% Consumer goods
15% Technology & communications
8% Financial services


Albachiara will create strategic partnerships to deepen and widen its skill sets, and geographical coverage.


In some cases, Albachiara will provide the seed capital to these partner companies. 


You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

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